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Magnetic Therapy is now one of the most popular alternative medicines - up to 100 million people practice it !!! So what draws them in...?

Magnets have always been used to promote health. Cleopatra wore jewellery charged with magnetism and Queen Elizabeth 1 is said to have used magnets to ease her arthritis.

And it hasn't gone out of fashion. People who practice magnetic theraphy claim that is natural and simple way of making you feel better is quicker. They say it works on colds and flu, stress, arthritis and rheumatism, headaches, muscle strain, period pain and several chronic skin diseases.The treatment is not as weird as it sounds. You don't have to strap magnets to your body. You can put special belts and magnetic jewellery that can target specific areas. Research has shown that magnetism can make capillary walls relax and blood vessels widen, allowing more blood to pass through. This means the body can get rid of toxins faster and so speed up the healing process.

Pain relief from Magnetic Health CareIn the UK, the official medical opinion is that the power of magnets is all in the mind. But in America, research is being carried out to prove magnetic theraphy can speed up the healing of injuries.

Recently, on an independent trial with magnet-based theraphy to ease period pain, scientists found 66% of those who took part needed a lot less pain relief using magnetic theraphy.


So, if you are fed-up of popping pills, maybe your cure lies in how magnetic your personality is...

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